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Instructions on use of Panasonic KX-T7731

    • 1 Programming one-touch dialing depends on the type of your main unit. If you have a KX-TA624, push the “Program” button. Press either “CO” followed by “2,” or the “Program Feature” button. If you have a KX-TA1232, push the “Program” button and dial “99.” Push either the “CO” or “Program Feature” button, and dial “2.”
    • 2

      Enter the phone number. Push the auto dial store key and press “Program.”

    • 3

      To call the stored number, remove the phone from the hook and press either the “CO” or “PF” button, depending on which was previously allocated.

    • 4

      For a KX-TA624, lift the phone off the hook and dial “2*.” For a KX-TA1232 dial “30.” Key in the phone number followed by the speed dial number you wish to associate it with and press “#.”

    • 5

      To call saved numbers, on a KX-TA624, remove the phone from the hook and press “#” followed by the speed dial number. On a KX-TA1232, replace the # with “3*.”

    • 6

      To access numbers on the system speed dial, lift the receiver from the hook. Use the auto dial store key and dial the system speed number.

    • 7

      To use handsfree answer-back, leave the phone on the hook and press the “Auto Ans Mute” key.

    • 8

      You can only pick up an outside line call on the KX-TA1232. Lift the receiver and dial “4*.”

    • 9

      To pick up a directed call, take the phone from the hook and dial “4″ on a KX-TA624, or “41″ on a KX-TA1232, followed by the extension number.

    • 10

      To pick up a group call, lift the receiver and dial “40.”

    • 11

      To set automatic call back, dial “6″ when you hear the busy tone and hang up the phone. Lift the receiver when you hear callback ringing.

    • 12

      To revoke a message you left, on a KX-TA624 key in the receiver’s extension number and press the “Message” button twice. On a KX-TA1232, dial “700″ followed by the receiver’s extension number.

    • 13

      To delete your notifications, lift the receiver and dial “700.” For a KX-TA624 dial “#.” For a KX-TA1232, replace # with your extension number.

    • 14

      To set call waiting for outside calls using a KX-TA624, lift the receiver and dial “7311#,” and dial “7310#” to cancel. For intercom calls key in “7321#” to set, and “7320#” to cancel. On a KX-TA1232, “7311″ sets and “7310″ cancels for both.

    • 15

      To talk to the new party when you hear the call waiting tone, you can abort your current status by pushing the “CO” or “Intercom” button, or hold your current status by pressing the “Hold” button, followed by the “CO” or “Intercom” key.

    • 16

      To have a three-part conference, push the “CONF” button followed by the third party’s number. To end the call, press the “CONF” button.

    • 17

      To activate Do Not Disturb (DND) lift the receiver and press the “FWD/DND” button. For a FX-TA624 dial “4#” to set, and “0#” to cancel. For a FX-TA1232, dial “1″ to set and “0″ to cancel.

    • 18

      To reset the phone, dial “79#” on a KX-TA624, or “790″ on a KX-TA1232.



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  1. I have looked in our manual and online for instructions on how to use the intercom feature for the Panasonic KX-T7731. It should be a very simple, basic feature, however, it does not work on our phones. The only information in the manual is that it points out where the intercom button is located. Please send instructions on how to use this feature or how to set it up if it has to manually be set up in order to use it. Thanks.

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